Are potholes costing you?

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With some roads in such disrepair that councils have said it will take years to get them right, many motorists are having to suffer pothole damage to their vehicles.

With the UK often having quite extreme winter weather then hot summers it is inevitable that potholes are cropping up everywhere. Often even potholes that have previously been repaired, open up again quite quickly. As a driver this can cause several issues when driving. You have enough to concentrate on with your speed, road signs, other motorists and pedestrians without having to swear or potholes.  If you hit a pothole you may damage your tyre which may need replacing, This can cost upwards of £50 depending on what tyre you need but the damage doesn’t always stop there. It may not only cause damage to your tyre but can knock the tracking out and even damage suspension components. Tracking (also called alignment) can cost around £20-£30 and suspension components can easily run in to the hundreds.  This can soon all add up to a costly repair through no fault of your own.

It is important for you to report any pothole you find to your council and there is a website that makes this process quite simple now. If you do have damaged caused by a pothole it may be worth speaking to your council, but don’t be alarmed if they are not willing to pay out for the damage.  

July 13, 2020. Category: Cars.