Are some cars safer than others?

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Safety is a key consideration for many people when buying a new car. Making sure your vehicle provides maximum protection in case of an accident is essential, but another factor is how pedestrian friendly the car is in the case of any unfortunate contact. The use of air bag technology in cars has been a major factor in passenger safety in recent years and research into how this technology can be improved to provide even better protection is ongoing.

Recent safety tests conducted by experts in this field have highlighted some of the vehicles that are top of the game in terms of overall safety. The BMW iX, which is an electric car, scored highly across the board and was praised for its innovative active bonnet that releases an airbag on contact with a pedestrian to minimise injury.

In the cheaper car range the Skoda Fabia has a good reputation for safety especially for its adult and child safety features inside the vehicle. Although it does not have active bonnet features it still has safety assist features that make this a safe car to drive in a variety of driving conditions.

When buying a used car, it is certainly worth checking the safety record of the vehicle make and model to ensure you and your passengers are safe when travelling.