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Finding out the service history of a vehicle

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If you have just bought a car but have no service history for it you can do some investigation work and try to find out yourself information on past services. If the car came with any receipts then have a good look through them first and see if you can find an invoice for a service. If you know where the car has been taken for repairs you could ring that garage up and ask them if they have any service history for the vehicle. Some garages will be reluctant to give you too much information but they may advise you over the phone what services have been done and when.

If you do not have a service but then try and order a duplicate one from either a dealership or even online where you may save a bit of money. Once you have the service book you can either take it to the garages that did the services and ask them if they would stamp it, or at least write in the book the date, mileage or age of the vehicle and the garage that did the service so you have a record and if you come to sell it you can explain to the next owner what it’s had done.

Spending money on fixing a car

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If you have purchased a second hand car that is below about £1500 then you can often expect to spend between £500 and £1000 per year on repairs and maintenance. Although this may sound a lot, for some people it is the only way they can afford to own a car.

You do need to consider if the car is worth spending that much money on or whether you would be better scrapping it and starting with something new.

It is a very hard decision to make as it may be that you spend a few hundred pounds on it and then runs well for a number of years, or you may find that you spend the money on it and it a few weeks or months later something else goes wrong which is going to cost far too much to fix.

Before proceeding with any major work it may be worth asking the garage to have a look over it and see if there is anything else that needs doing or may need doing in the near future. This will often give you a better idea as to if you should spend money on it or not.




The Types of Items to check when maintaining a car

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Servicing is a beneficial service to the car owner and getting the car serviced gives a lot more satisfaction to the owner. But at the same time it is the responsibility of the owner to check few things in it to get the right service. This is because the customer if having any issue gets the advantage to report the issue then and there to the mechanic.

  1. Test the handling of the car. Alignment of the tires affect the handling of the car and this may also prove to be dangerous for the owner.
  2. Check the efficiency of the brakes. This includes both i.e. hand brakes and normal brakes. Check their efficiency and get them fixed if there is any issue.
  3. Monitor the efficiency of horns, headlights and taillights and do not take these minor things casually since ignorance might lead to hazardous consequences.

Choose the appropriate car for rental for your family

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Need car for your adventurous trip? Renting car can proffer you huge flexibility and freedom to travel and across the world, road trips on cars are known for its feasibility that gives a great feeling to all. One must choose a car appropriately which may not give rise to complications. One must do a deep research of best deals and other insurance options which can help. If more than 4 people are travelling than definitely you will require SUV or sedan.

Tips for budget rental

If you are seeking budget friendly car, then you must search from best options and for smallest model. Make sure you reserve car with an automatic transmission that is more helpful for the driver. Book your car on time, look for best rentals, understand rental agreements before you signing, know true costs and make sure it does not holds hidden costs

Ensure Your Safety On Road With Regular Car Servicing

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If you overlook car servicing, then you should know that you are committing a very big mistake. Car servicing not only expands the life of your car, but also assures your safety on the road. Car servicing means that you ensure that your vehicle is road worthy. There are people who drive cars which is dangerous for them as well as others lives who are driving on the road because of the poor car maintenance. Car has economic life that depends upon the servicing records. If you are not able to afford the maintenance of your car, then try to sale it because it is going to be a wise decision. To maintain it’s long like tune up your vehicles regularly at least once in a month because poorly tuned car will feed on more fuel as compared to another. Your auto shop mechanics are also going to provide you tips on its maintenance