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What’s new in the SUV range?

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SUV or sport utility vehicle is a car classification that includes road-going passenger cars with features commonly found on off-road vehicles, such as four-wheel drive. They have become increasingly popular not only with rural dwellers but also with those drivers who spend a lot of time on motorways.

Toyota have recently launched in the UK a seven-seater SUV called the Highlander and although this vehicle has been around for quite a while in other countries the all-wheel drive model is now available in the UK. This full hybrid self-charging SUV not only provides lower emissions but looks stylish, has plenty of interior space and comes with a multimedia touchscreen which controls major functions such as navigation and entertainment.

The seven-seater Highlander is so versatile as the rear passenger seats can be moved forward and backward and the rearmost seats fold into the floor so opening up a huge amount of boot space for luggage or shopping.

With safety in mind the Highlander has an active safety and driver assist system which will detect pedestrians by day and night a real boon when driving on rural roads which may be poorly lit. With its emergency steer assist and intersection turn assistance this has got to be one of the safest SUVs on the road today.

Drive down the cost of charging your electric car

Home | Cars | Drive down the cost of charging your electric car

Electric car ownership is growing at a rapid pace as the choice of vehicle becomes more varied and electric charge points become a more common sight on forecourts and at shopping centres and car parks. The cost of charging differs from place to place so here are a few tips to reduce the costs of charging your electric vehicle.

If you are able to charge your vehicle at home check to see if your energy company offers a tariff designed specifically for electric charging as this can save money. It may be worth speaking to someone at the energy company directly on the telephone rather than looking online. Charging at night may also save money when it comes to charging at home.

When out and about make sure that you are getting a good deal for electric vehicle charging as the cost varies from place to place quite considerably especially with fast charge points. If you have got time choose a slower charge point rather than a faster one unless it is essential for your journey. There are apps available that will not only show the location of charge points but the cost too so it may be worthwhile downloading an app to use.

Is your car suitable for towing a caravan?

Home | Cars | Is your car suitable for towing a caravan?

Many more people now own a touring caravan as it has proved to be a popular way of holidaying in the UK but simply having a tow bar on your vehicle does not mean that it is necessarily suitable to tow a caravan and so it is certainly worth checking to see whether the towing weight is sufficient to tow the size of caravan you have.

To check the weight of your caravan you will need to look at the metal plate that is situated by the caravan door. This will need to be compared with the weight that your car can tow which can be found in the vehicle instruction manual or online. 

Once you know that a specific vehicle has the torque you need it is time to consider whether you need a manual transmission or whether an automatic would be preferable. Many people who are experienced at towing a caravan prefer a car with automatic transmission as it makes towing more straightforward.

If you are towing a large twin axle caravan a four wheeled drive vehicle may be more suitable especially if you plan to tow the caravan throughout the year however this does not necessarily mean that a SUV is needed as some estate cars can be four-wheel drive too.

Are you planning a journey on the motorway?

Home | Cars | Are you planning a journey on the motorway?

If you are considering going on a long journey which will involve some motorway driving then you need to take extra care to ensure that your car is safe and ready to do so. Unlike other roads, motorway driving often consists of driving at speeds of about 70 mph for longer periods of time. This means that your engine will get hotter and you will rely more on your brakes should you need to slow down quickly. Driving at higher speeds does come with much higher risks and chances of having an serious accident are increased.

any people carry out checks to their vehicles fluid levels, tyres and brakes on the morning of their trip, but often if you find a problem, it is too late to try and rectify it before you are supposed to leave.

Try and carry out any checks a week in advance so you have time to get the car in the garage should you need to. Make sure that your tyres are in a good condition. They should be free from damage, be within the 1.6 mm legal tread depth limit (ideally above 2mm) and have the correct tyre pressure in them.

Also be sure to check the fluid levels, Lift up the bonnet and check all fluid levels to ensure they are at the correct level. If your oil or coolant is low, be sure to top it up. All levels should be checked when the engine is cool.

Gear box issues with your car is not something you ever want to hear

Home | Cars | Gear box issues with your car is not something you ever want to hear

Owning a car can be a worrying time. You often have no idea when something is likely to go wrong and usually it happens at the most inconvenient time.

Gear box issues, in particular, are something that many of us dread. It is often not a quick fix and can turn out to be very costly no matter what vehicle you have. Regardless of whether you have an automatic or a manual gear box in your car, any vehicle can develop gear box issues. Some makes and models of vehicles are more prone than others to develop faults. Sometimes these issues are just down to the age and mileage of the vehicle and other times it may be that a fault has developed. You may notice that there is a noise when changing gear, or that the gear box has started to become sloppy, or even that it has become stiff and hard to change gear. This is an indication that something may not be right and you need to get it looked at as quickly as possible. The longer you leave it the more likely it is to have done more damage. If your gear box goes completely not only can this make the car undrivable but it can also be very dangerous.

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