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Do I have to have my damaged car repaired through my insurance?

Home | Cars | Do I have to have my damaged car repaired through my insurance?

For many people having an accident in their car is at least an inconvenience and at most a shocking experience but if you are unfortunate enough to have an accident in your vehicle and need to get it repaired what decisions and actions need to be considered.

The first thing to decide is whether to get it fixed yourself or whether the damage needs to be repaired through your vehicle insurance. This decision needs careful thought because a claim on your vehicle insurance will usually result in an increase in your annual premium. Obviously if the accident is not your fault the other party’s insurance will pay for your repairs but if you are responsible for the damage it is worthwhile considering your options and getting quotes from a body repair shop.

Looking online for accident repairers is a good place to start. If possible, look at reviews or ask friends and colleagues for recommendations. Getting an estimate for the work to be done is particularly important so that you can decide which course of action to take. Shop around for a good deal but always keep in mind that finding a reputable repairer is the most important factor because if the repair is unsatisfactory you may have to have it redone at an additional cost to you.

What is the latest innovation in electric cars?

Home | Cars | What is the latest innovation in electric cars?

Without a doubt, electric vehicles are here to stay but what are the latest innovations that are pushing this technology forward and making it accessible to the general population?

Charging has always been a stumbling block when it comes to electric vehicles as many people have range anxiety when it comes to travelling long distances. At the moment there are insufficient charging points on our streets and in public car parks and so people are forced to charge their vehicles at home sufficiently to get them to their destination and home again. Charging times are also lengthy meaning that a home with more than one car but only one charge point will encounter difficulties.

A solution to this issue is one of a number of innovations currently in development namely wireless charging. This new technology is already being tested in parts of the UK amongst taxi drivers to see if it is a feasible option for the general public. The car is parked above a charger which uses inductive charging technology to wirelessly charge the vehicle without it being in direct contact with the car. This is seen to be a solution to the issue of bulky charging stations on our streets and could become reality in the near future.

How to keep MOT costs down

Home | Cars | How to keep MOT costs down

Now that car garages have opened again people are having to start getting MOT tests done again. An MOT needs to be carried out every year on all cars that are over three years old. It can be a worrying time for a car owner as you simply do not know if the MOT is going to end up costing you just £40 or more than a thousand. Often many of the components they check on an MOT, may not be easy to check yourself so it may come as a surprise when it fails.

There are a few things that you can do to try and keep your MOT costs as low as possible. First of all, try and find a garage that you trust and ideally one that has been used by family or friends that they recommend. This will help ensure that you do not get ripped off.  Although the MOT test is extremely strict, unfortunately there are same garages that will take advantage of a test and quote for work that does not really need doing.

One of the things that is checked on an MOT is lights and bulbs. A simple check of all your lights a few days prior to the MOT will give you enough time to get them changed if you need to before the test. Another simply point to check is your tyres. If they are below the legal limit then the car will fail the MOT so its worth changing them before it goes in.

Hands free driving safety

Home | Cars | Hands free driving safety

When driving in a car it is better not to be distracted by anything but there are times when you may need to use your phone to make or receive a call. For some people, their phone is a  vital part of their job and they need to be able to take calls when out and about. The best way to do this safetly is to use a hands free kit. You are not allowed to talk on a phone whilst driving unless you are using a hands free kit.

Hands free kits have been about for a good number of years now but previously they used to be quite expensive and were often only used by reps etc. Now new cars often come with Bluetooth or a stereo that allows you to plug your phone in for hands free calling. Not only does this mean you can make and take calls but also that you can listen to your music on your phone using the car speakers.

If you just want a basic hands free kit to use as and when you need it then you can get them from a number of different high street shops and even from some petrol stations or supermarkets. Be sure that when you purchase a hands free kit is has the right connection on it for your phone.

Are potholes costing you?

Home | Cars | Are potholes costing you?

With some roads in such disrepair that councils have said it will take years to get them right, many motorists are having to suffer pothole damage to their vehicles.

With the UK often having quite extreme winter weather then hot summers it is inevitable that potholes are cropping up everywhere. Often even potholes that have previously been repaired, open up again quite quickly. As a driver this can cause several issues when driving. You have enough to concentrate on with your speed, road signs, other motorists and pedestrians without having to swear or potholes.  If you hit a pothole you may damage your tyre which may need replacing, This can cost upwards of £50 depending on what tyre you need but the damage doesn’t always stop there. It may not only cause damage to your tyre but can knock the tracking out and even damage suspension components. Tracking (also called alignment) can cost around £20-£30 and suspension components can easily run in to the hundreds.  This can soon all add up to a costly repair through no fault of your own.

It is important for you to report any pothole you find to your council and there is a website that makes this process quite simple now. If you do have damaged caused by a pothole it may be worth speaking to your council, but don’t be alarmed if they are not willing to pay out for the damage.  

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