Changing lightbulbs on your car

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Lights are very important on your vehicle and you should change one as soon as you notice it’s no longer working.

If its an exterior lightbulb that goes on your car, it may be a while before you notice it as often the lights are only on when you are in it and driving. Some vehicles will have a warning system that tells you that a bulb has gone, this is usually displayed by a sign on your dash board. Ideally you should always check your lights when going on a long journey, especially if travelling at night but also just generally on a weekly basis.

If you find a bulb has gone then you may need to visit your local garage or car garage/car parts shop to get a replacement one. Bulbs vary a lot in price depending on the car and the bulb you need. You know also often have the option to buy an LED bulb which can give out a brighter light beam but also last longer. If you are going to fit an LED bulb then it is advised to change both bulbs on each side of the vehicle to match. Some cars are relatively easy to fit new bulbs whereas others can even require the front bumper to be removed to allow you to get to it. If this is the case then you will probably need to book the car into a garage to have it done unless you feel confident to do it yourself.