Diagnosing faults win the comfort of your own garage

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If you are having issues with your car or if you simply need to take it for a service or MOT then you will want to find a garage that you can trust. Many people are worried about having to take their vehicle in for repairs as often they cannot question what they are being told needs to be done due to their lack of understanding and experience.

If your car develops a fault, it is always good to try and have no idea as to what it may be. If you have the time, then you may decide to do a little investigation work first. If you have a garage at home, always park your vehicle in there to allow you to start stripping parts off it if needed. This will ensure that if you have to leave it partially stripped down over night, you have somewhere secure to store it and don’t have to worry about trying to remove it. You can buy simply diagnostic machines for around £50 which can be very useful in telling you what the issue may be. Simply plug them in to the plug in your car and get it to search for any fault codes that may be recorded on the cars on board computer. These codes will then tell you what the fault is and can help you to work out what needs to be done to fix it.