Drive down the cost of charging your electric car

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Electric car ownership is growing at a rapid pace as the choice of vehicle becomes more varied and electric charge points become a more common sight on forecourts and at shopping centres and car parks. The cost of charging differs from place to place so here are a few tips to reduce the costs of charging your electric vehicle.

If you are able to charge your vehicle at home check to see if your energy company offers a tariff designed specifically for electric charging as this can save money. It may be worth speaking to someone at the energy company directly on the telephone rather than looking online. Charging at night may also save money when it comes to charging at home.

When out and about make sure that you are getting a good deal for electric vehicle charging as the cost varies from place to place quite considerably especially with fast charge points. If you have got time choose a slower charge point rather than a faster one unless it is essential for your journey. There are apps available that will not only show the location of charge points but the cost too so it may be worthwhile downloading an app to use.