Finding out the service history of a vehicle

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If you have just bought a car but have no service history for it you can do some investigation work and try to find out yourself information on past services. If the car came with any receipts then have a good look through them first and see if you can find an invoice for a service. If you know where the car has been taken for repairs you could ring that garage up and ask them if they have any service history for the vehicle. Some garages will be reluctant to give you too much information but they may advise you over the phone what services have been done and when.

If you do not have a service but then try and order a duplicate one from either a dealership or even online where you may save a bit of money. Once you have the service book you can either take it to the garages that did the services and ask them if they would stamp it, or at least write in the book the date, mileage or age of the vehicle and the garage that did the service so you have a record and if you come to sell it you can explain to the next owner what it’s had done.