Having you noticed a knocking sound from your car

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Cars often make strange sounds at times but if you notice a persistent sound coming from the engine or an area of your vehicle you should get it investigated. Noises are usually the first warning sign you get of certain issues and ignoring them can prove very costly and even dangerous.

You need to take the car in to a garage as soon as possible if you notice a new noise that is occurring often. It is much better to be safe than sorry.

Kicking noises are often due to issues with the suspension. It may be that a ball joint has worn and needs replacing or possibly even a shock absorber has gone. Another part is could be is a drop link, which is attached to the suspension. The part itself is usually relatively cheap for most cars and it may only take an hour or two labour. It may be worth asking the garage to put better quality ones on even if they do cost more as you then may not have to replace them as often therefore will save money in the long run. It may be worth getting a few quotes from different t car garages to ensure that you get the best price, just ensure that you are competing like for like.