How to avoid silly MOT failures

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When you take your car in for an MOT there are a certain amount of basic checks you can do yourself to try and avoid the car failing on something silly such as wiper blades or bulbs.

A MOT can be a costly part of running a car. Every car that is over three years old needs to have a valid MOT certificate to be driven on the roads in the UK. Often you may not find out what is wrong with your car in terms of it passing an MOT until you take it in and this can make it very hard to budget for it. The test itself only costs around £40 but the repairs that may need doing can easily rack up into the hundreds.

There are a number of components that are checked during an MOT test and some of them have to be done using specialist equipment. Other items are simply checked by eye, which means you can also carry out these checks too. Light bulbs, seat belts and even washer fluid levels are all checked as part of the MOT and these things are easy to check yourself, if they need to be replaced then you can shop around for the best price and complete the work prior to the test being carried out.