How to prepare for car repairs and costs

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Running a car can be very expensive. Not only do you have to have the money to buy or lease the vehicle in the first place but you then need to ensure that you can afford the running costs such as MOT’s, tax, insurance and fuel. On top of these costs, you also need to budget in for services and repairs. The problem with repairs is no one knows exactly how much it is likely to cost and when they may crop up. Ideally you should try and put a bit of money away each month towards the repairs that may need to be done throughout the year.

If you find that you are suddenly presented with a problem which is going to require a fair amount of money to fix it and you have no spare funds, then you need to consider your options. Some garages will allow you to spread the cost of the repairs over a number of weeks or months. Not many garages offer this service and it is essential that you check before agreeing to any repairs being carried out. If you cannot spread the cost this way, then why not look to taking out a zero percent credit card which will allow you to spread the payments over a more manageable amount.

March 9, 2021. Category: Cars.