Is your car suitable for towing a caravan?

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Many more people now own a touring caravan as it has proved to be a popular way of holidaying in the UK but simply having a tow bar on your vehicle does not mean that it is necessarily suitable to tow a caravan and so it is certainly worth checking to see whether the towing weight is sufficient to tow the size of caravan you have.

To check the weight of your caravan you will need to look at the metal plate that is situated by the caravan door. This will need to be compared with the weight that your car can tow which can be found in the vehicle instruction manual or online. 

Once you know that a specific vehicle has the torque you need it is time to consider whether you need a manual transmission or whether an automatic would be preferable. Many people who are experienced at towing a caravan prefer a car with automatic transmission as it makes towing more straightforward.

If you are towing a large twin axle caravan a four wheeled drive vehicle may be more suitable especially if you plan to tow the caravan throughout the year however this does not necessarily mean that a SUV is needed as some estate cars can be four-wheel drive too.