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Whether you own a top of the range 4×4, a spacious family seven-seater or a small city car your vehicle is, next to your house, probably the most expensive item you have which is why criminals are increasingly targeting these expensive possessions. As vehicle thefts and the theft of valuable parts such as catalytic convertors continued to rise last year which are the most effective ways of protecting your vehicle and avoiding the distress and frustration caused by these crimes?

As silly as it sounds clever parking can make it much more difficult for thieves to have access to the underside of the car. Keeping the car locked away in a garage is ideal but if that is not possible parking the front of the car, where the catalytic convertor is situated, as close as possible to a wall will give added security.

Having a reliable, good quality CCTV camera system that covers the area where the vehicle is parked is a good deterrent as is outdoor security lighting which is set to come on if there is movement detected around the vehicle. A doorbell camera is another way of monitoring who is visiting or watching your property and possibly assessing your comings and goings and the value of your vehicle.