Keeping costs down by sourcing car parts

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We all hate it when our cars start to make strange noises or have to go in for an MOT and we get the dreaded call that it’s failed. Car repairs can be very costly with the average garage cost of around £150! If you want to try and cut down on car repair costs then you may want to look into sourcing the parts yourself.  If the repairs are extensive and going to need a lot of parts then you may not wish to get involved, but if there is only one or two parts required then why not do a bit of shopping around for the best price before giving the go ahead to a garage or mechanic.

Even if you do not choose to go ahead with buying your own parts, telling the garage that you can source them much cheaper will sometimes prompt them to drop the price slightly.

Some garages will not fit parts that have not been purchased by them but many will, on the understanding if the part is faulty or does not fit, it is not their responsibility to rectify and you will still be charged for their labour time.

Before committing to a purchase, be sure that it is definitely the right part and be very cautious about buying second hand parts as you may not be able to test them prior to fitting them.