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Should you buy a car with high mileage?

When it comes to buying second hand cars, there is always an element of risk involved. Even if you buy a second hand car from a dealership, you may not always be given a warranty, but even if you are, it may not cover everything. You may have it in your head that you shouldn’t buy a car with over 100,000 miles on the clock as it may mean it hasn’t got much life left in it, but there are more important factors to take in to account than just the mileage. You need to look at whether the vehicle has been looked after. A car that has been serviced in accordance with the manufacturers servicing schedule is much more likely to last longer and have fewer problems than a car that has had the bear minimum done to it.

There are certain components that start to go after around 100,000 miles but if these have already been changed then you need not worry. Always check if the cambelt has been changed as this is a fairly simply job to do on most cars but can be extremely costly if it goes wrong.  

Suspension parts can need replacing on second hand cars. It may not be enough to cause it to fail an MOT or to be that noticeable on a test drive, but it may still need to be replaced soon.

Having you noticed a knocking sound from your car

Cars often make strange sounds at times but if you notice a persistent sound coming from the engine or an area of your vehicle you should get it investigated. Noises are usually the first warning sign you get of certain issues and ignoring them can prove very costly and even dangerous.

You need to take the car in to a garage as soon as possible if you notice a new noise that is occurring often. It is much better to be safe than sorry.

Kicking noises are often due to issues with the suspension. It may be that a ball joint has worn and needs replacing or possibly even a shock absorber has gone. Another part is could be is a drop link, which is attached to the suspension. The part itself is usually relatively cheap for most cars and it may only take an hour or two labour. It may be worth asking the garage to put better quality ones on even if they do cost more as you then may not have to replace them as often therefore will save money in the long run. It may be worth getting a few quotes from different t car garages to ensure that you get the best price, just ensure that you are competing like for like.

Should you repair a car which is worth less than the repair costs?

If you own an older vehicle and take it in for an MOT, there may come a time when the work that is needed to get it through the MOT is going to cost more than the value of the vehicle. You have a tough decision to make as there are pros and cons to repairing it.

You need to think about what repairs need doing, the overall condition on the vehicle, the mileage, and what funds you have and how much you have already spent on it. If you have had the car a little while and had quite a bit of work done on it already you may think that it is better to spend the extra money giving you peace of mind then that certain things have already been done and therefore shouldn’t need doing again soon. Is the vehicle has relatively low mileage and has been serviced regularly then it may be worth holding on to it and paying for the repairs to be done.

The other option is to scrap or sell the car and then buy something else. You will likely have to spend more to buy another car and if you are spending less than £3000 on the vehicle you can expect to have to spend money on it again through out the year.

Do I have to have my damaged car repaired through my insurance?

For many people having an accident in their car is at least an inconvenience and at most a shocking experience but if you are unfortunate enough to have an accident in your vehicle and need to get it repaired what decisions and actions need to be considered.

The first thing to decide is whether to get it fixed yourself or whether the damage needs to be repaired through your vehicle insurance. This decision needs careful thought because a claim on your vehicle insurance will usually result in an increase in your annual premium. Obviously if the accident is not your fault the other party’s insurance will pay for your repairs but if you are responsible for the damage it is worthwhile considering your options and getting quotes from a body repair shop.

Looking online for accident repairers is a good place to start. If possible, look at reviews or ask friends and colleagues for recommendations. Getting an estimate for the work to be done is particularly important so that you can decide which course of action to take. Shop around for a good deal but always keep in mind that finding a reputable repairer is the most important factor because if the repair is unsatisfactory you may have to have it redone at an additional cost to you.

What is the latest innovation in electric cars?

Without a doubt, electric vehicles are here to stay but what are the latest innovations that are pushing this technology forward and making it accessible to the general population?

Charging has always been a stumbling block when it comes to electric vehicles as many people have range anxiety when it comes to travelling long distances. At the moment there are insufficient charging points on our streets and in public car parks and so people are forced to charge their vehicles at home sufficiently to get them to their destination and home again. Charging times are also lengthy meaning that a home with more than one car but only one charge point will encounter difficulties.

A solution to this issue is one of a number of innovations currently in development namely wireless charging. This new technology is already being tested in parts of the UK amongst taxi drivers to see if it is a feasible option for the general public. The car is parked above a charger which uses inductive charging technology to wirelessly charge the vehicle without it being in direct contact with the car. This is seen to be a solution to the issue of bulky charging stations on our streets and could become reality in the near future.