Transporting your pet dog safely in your family car

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Many pet owners like to take their pet dog out with them in the car perhaps to get to a forest or beach where they can exercise their dog or to visit relative or friends, however some members of the public are not aware of the legal obligations when transporting their dog and the extremely high fines that can be issued if the regulations are broken.

All pets should be restrained in the car when the car is in motion by a harness that attaches to the car seat belt or is clipped to a fixed point in the vehicle. The reason for this law is that should your dog jump onto your lap as you are driving or be moving about in the car it could cause you to lose concentration and possibly have an accident. If you are stopped by the police not only would you receive a hefty fine, but you may incur nine points on your license for driving without due care and attention.

It is more comfortable for your pet dog if they are restrained as the motion of the car can cause them to be unwell, something to be avoided if at all possible.

May 11, 2020. Category: Cars.