What’s new in the SUV range?

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SUV or sport utility vehicle is a car classification that includes road-going passenger cars with features commonly found on off-road vehicles, such as four-wheel drive. They have become increasingly popular not only with rural dwellers but also with those drivers who spend a lot of time on motorways.

Toyota have recently launched in the UK a seven-seater SUV called the Highlander and although this vehicle has been around for quite a while in other countries the all-wheel drive model is now available in the UK. This full hybrid self-charging SUV not only provides lower emissions but looks stylish, has plenty of interior space and comes with a multimedia touchscreen which controls major functions such as navigation and entertainment.

The seven-seater Highlander is so versatile as the rear passenger seats can be moved forward and backward and the rearmost seats fold into the floor so opening up a huge amount of boot space for luggage or shopping.

With safety in mind the Highlander has an active safety and driver assist system which will detect pedestrians by day and night a real boon when driving on rural roads which may be poorly lit. With its emergency steer assist and intersection turn assistance this has got to be one of the safest SUVs on the road today.